4 Bible Scriptures About Hope

Life is highly unpredictable and sometimes we go through situations that make us lose hope or place our hopes in other things or people. The Bible can be your ultimate friend during these trying times and here are four verses that can be of great help if you are going through hard and hopeless times. The verses have been translated to simple English for easy understanding and decoding.

Psalm 62:5


If you are going through tough times then you should wait for God in silence as he will deliver you. The source of your hope should not be your thoughts of your wishes and wants but it should be from him.

This psalm goes ahead to warn you that if you place your hopes on anyone or anything else apart from God, then you are indeed hopeless as God is the only one in control and who can grant you your wishes.

Psalm 42:5-6


Sometimes when facing trials and tribulations the feelings of being forgotten by God can creep up to shake our faith. This can be made worse by non believers aware of your situation when they question where your God is and whether he cares about your situation or not.

The psalmist even though he acknowledges the he is in turmoil and despair he still has hope in God to deliver him. Basically what the psalm teaches us is that you should acknowledge your trying situations and have hope in God and in time you will praise him for making things okay in your life.

Romans 8:24-25


Even though we have never physically seen God or His son Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit, we believe in him since the christian faith is based on the fact that we know he is alive rather than we hope he is alive.

With the knowledge that he is alive we wait patiently in silence for him to deliver us and this is the main difference between the hope of believers as compared to non believers in that believers’ hopes rest on the promises of God and who else can be trusted more to keep his promises than God?

Ephesians 1:18-19

“I pray that the eyes of your hearts be filled with enlightenment so you can know the hope which God has called for you, for his holy people the riches of his glorious inheritance and for the ones who in him they believe, his great power”
The first chapter of the book of Ephesians shows us God’s perspective on things that are not yet as if they are already in existence because of our cleansing by the lamb of God and we are assured of eternal inheritance.

What this means is that even though you feel your situation is bad and you are praying to God to improve things, God already sees you in a better situation! The lesson here is that if you place your hope in Jesus Christ you will have a glorious future that cannot be described in words and cannot be compared to anything.


Everyone in this world at one time or another goes through times of difficulty and moments of hopelessness. Do not fear as you are not alone in this. There are two aspects of not being alone the first one being the fact that you are not the only one going through problems.

The second aspect is you are not alone because God is with you every step of the way. These four verses discusses above hopefully will be of encouragement to you and help you uplift your spirits as you tackle your hardships. The main message here is that you should not loose hope and your hope should be placed in Jesus Christ our savior.