Beth Moore Bible Study Guides

Teachers in the church will be judged more strictly is the warning in James 3:1. Not many should become teachers in the Word of God.  However if you are called to be a teacher, there is nothing that will stop you. Therefore, teach the truth. In other words what the Bible teaches, not you theory supported by specific selected Bible passages.

The responsibility is not only on the teacher, there is a responsibility on the learner or Bible student as well. You grew up with the concept of being taught by your parents, teachers at school, and after school activities whether it is the coach on the sports field, the dance instructor, debate activities or lessons from the chess master.  It is therefore second nature to listen, to believe and to absorb what is being taught. This is why the teacher must be accountable to what they teach. It is their job to teach the truth and not to deceive.

Beth Moore is a Bible teacher that takes her calling seriously. She teaches the truth, the Good News. Her Bible studies are based on the Word of God, and backed with intense Bible study, prayer, revelation and research.

Beth Moore Bible Studies for Women

In 1994, Beth Moore founded Living Proof Ministries. The purpose of the ministry is to teach women Christian living through studying the Bible. She hosts interdenominational Bible studies on Tuesdays evenings in Houston. Although her Bible studies are geared towards women, in the balcony men gather to attend the Bible studies as well.

Beth Moore is truly a teacher of the Word. Her sessions are engaging, well researched and with a touch of humor. She entertains with the stories of her dogs, her different hairdos, her husband’s love of hunting, everyday happenings; love for her family is seen with the stories about her loving husband, Keith, and her daughters.

Books about Bible Study Topics

She has written many books on Bible characters and topics. Although her books are separate and doesn’t form part of her Bible studies, the two complement each other. The titles of the books and the Bible studies are similar, for example the book about Paul’s life and the Bible Study is called To Live in Christ.

The books are available in local bookstores and online bookstores. Titles of some of the books written by Beth Moore:

  • To Live in Christ is a about the life of Saul, the persecutor of Christian, who became Paul, the apostle for Jesus Christ, who wrote 13 of the epistles in the New Testament.
  • The Beloved Disciple is the story about John, the apostle who wrote the New Testament books John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Revelation while he was on the island of Patmos.
  • David: Seeking a Heart like His tells the story of the shepherd David who wrote and sang many psalms with his harp. He became the King of Israel.

Listening and Reading Beth Moore Online

Beth Moore has travelled to many countries teaching the Word of God. If you missed her when she visited your country or if Houston, Texas is too far for you to attend a Bible study session, then there are other options.

Listen online at

  • The radio program Living Proof by Beth Moore is currently broadcasting 30 minutes teaching on the Book of Romans. The broadcast schedules of Beth Moore’s radio programs are available by series or by date.
  • A Quick Word is a 2 minute radio broadcast based on Hebrews 4:12. Listen to a quick word by Beth Moore daily, download the MP3 or listen to the messages in the archive.

If you prefer reading to listening, you can find Beth Moore’s blog, The LPM blog at  Subscribers are called siestas. When Beth Moore typed the word ‘sistas’ when referring to readers of the blog, the spellchecker suggested changing it to ‘siestas’. Thus the blog readers became siestas.

Beth Moore Bible Studies

She is famous worldwide for her Bible Studies. Initially the studies were recorded on video, then dvd, and now it is available to purchase or download online.

Beth Moore Bible Study packages consist of:

  • The majority of studies are 10-12 sessions of about one hour each.
  • The Member book is additional reading material and homework.
  • Leader guide are used as guidance when facilitating a small group.
  • Leader kit
  • Audio CD set
  • Video download
  • Audio download
  • In addition to English, many of her Bible studies are also available in Spanish.

Bible studies on Bible characters:

  • A Heart like His and Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed are two Bible studies about the life of David.
  • A Woman’s Heart is about the life of Moses.
  • Beloved Disciple is about the life of John.
  • Daniel / End Times is about the life of Daniel.
  • Esther is about the life of Esther.
  • Jesus the One and Only is about the life of Jesus.
  • The Patriarchs is about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s lives.
  • To live is Christ is about the life of Paul.

Bible studies online on Topics:

  • Believing God is about faith.
  • Breaking Free is about captivity and being freed.
  • Living Beyond Yourself is about the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Loving Well is about Love.
  • Stepping Up is about the Psalms.
  • When Godly People do Ungodly Things is about seduction.

LifeWay at  is the publisher of the Beth Moore Bible Studies.

James: Mercy Triumphs is Beth Moore’s latest Bible Study.

5 Beth Moore Quotes

Finally, one cannot be a great teacher without being quoted.

  • “Good humor and laughter are far too wonderful not to come straight from the heart of God.”
  • “The purpose exceeds the pain.”
  • “I don’t know how, but I know Who”
  • “How often we expect big things from God without preparing for big things from him”
  • “Life works most perfectly when a reciprocal love relationship is in place between man and God.”

Beth Moore quotes can be found on Beth Moore’s page on Goodreads at