Top 5 Accredited Online Bible College

Andersonville Theological Seminary

Anderson Theological Seminary provides education to pastors, teachers and counselors. The partnership with National Christian Counselors Association enables ATS to offer counseling degrees with NCCA certification.

Andersonville Theological Seminary is accredited by

  • National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions located in North Carolina and
  • Transworld Accrediting Commission in Riverside in California.

Undergraduate and Graduate majors are:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministry
  • Theology
  • Divinity
  • Christian Counseling
  • Christian Education
  • The majority of courses are on CD, allowing distance education.
  • A sample lecture shows what is to be expected.
  • Undergraduate and graduate courses to doctorate level are provided.
  • There are different seminaries to choose from, allowing the student to receive the education required for their specific calling.
  • There are no time limits for courses except courses from Counseling Department.




  • Although the website mentions online education and distance education, it’s not clear how the online education works.
  • Material is mailed to the student and it takes 10-14 business days in US and another week for students living in another country.
  • It takes 4 weeks for grading.


Bethany Bible College

Bethany Bible College is dedicated in teaching and educating pastors, evangelists, missionaries, counselors, and Christian workers.  The college is fully accredited with the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation.

There are three tracks of study:

  • Biblical Theology is for people called into ministry and the curriculum emphasizes Bible and Theological studies.
  • Education Theology is the track for people interested in education in the church.
  • Ministry Theology is the track ideal for pastors and evangelists.

The 4 year undergraduate programs prepare students for the different masters’ degrees and doctorates.


  • Many Bible colleges do not provide the same programs online than on campus.  At Bethany Bible College, the same courses taught at the physical campus are taught online.  The only difference is that online you are restricted to one course at a time. This is not a disadvantage, because you can finish the same amount of courses in the same period of time as a student on campus.
  • Students are also allowed to study at your own pace. You have the choice of finishing the program at the same time as students on campus, or you can study part time and finish at a more convenient time for you.
  • It is possible to study not only for the undergraduate programs, Associate and Bachelor, but for Master and Doctorate degrees as well.  Experience gained through ministry work is to the student’s advantage. Credits are given for life experience.
  • The quality of work submitted by a student is graded accordingly. This differentiates the students who are hard-working and take their studies seriously from students who are only interested in qualifying.
  • Often online studying can be lonely. At Bethany Bible College virtual classes are available, allowing communication with other students. There is also the student directory that gives students the opportunity to make friends from different countries.
  • Assignments are sent via email, which is convenient and saves time.
  • The website includes a virtual library and an Internet Newsgroup.
  • Accreditation regulations for teachers and counselors differ from state to state. Therefore Bethany College doesn’t take responsibility for different certification regulations.
  • Reactivation fee is required if the student if inactive for more than 6 months without notifying administration.
  • Virtual classes are not in real time.
  • An administration fee is required when applying for credits for life experience.



Charis Bible College

The first year Certificate at Charis Bible College Online consists of 39 courses. The lessons are video recorded. Two lessons are assigned each week which you can study at your own pace or with classmates. After each lesson there is an open discussion forum to participate with other classmates. A written response to the discussion question is required as well as response to at least one comment of a classmate.


  • The courses are for not only for people called into ministry but also for individuals who want to increase their knowledge regarding the Bible and Christian living.
  • The classes are taught by the same instructors that teach at the physical campus.
  • You can enroll any time and study at your own pace.
  • You have the flexibility of enrolling in as many courses each term of 6-8 weeks. Some courses need to be taken in a certain order, but most of the courses can be taken in the order you prefer.
  • The Bible College website is easy to use and information is set out in an easy reading format and clear. You know exactly what you are studying and what is required for a certificate.
  • There are Charis Bible College campuses locations in different countries.
  • The first year is available as a correspondent student. Thereafter you need to study at the campus in Colorado or at an Extension school campus.


Faith Bible Institute

 Faith Bible Institute is based on the material and teaching of the senior pastor at Rowland Road Baptist Church.  It is a 3 year program. There are six semesters per year. The program allows you to start your own Bible College at your local church.


  • A high school certificate is not required to enroll. Courses are on the college level of freshman and sophomore.
  • The Bible is studied in chronological order, in other words in the order of history and events, not the order of the books in the Bible. This allows students to understand the story of the Bible better.
  • Start your own school where you live. All the materials, the DVDs, textbooks, workbooks, tests and grading, report cards, and diplomas are provided.
  • Students, who don’t have enough money to pay the tuition fees in full, have the option of paying in monthly installments. There is also a discount when enrolling early.
  • You can start your own school but the website doesn’t provide online tuition.
  • You need a minimum of 10 students to start your own school.
  • You need to finish courses at a certain time and can’t study at your own pace.


Trinity Bible College

Trinity Bible College is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education and is currently listed in the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. The college is situated in North Dakota but has an online curriculum.

Each Bachelor of Arts degree has two majors, a major or minor in Biblical studies and one other major.

The online courses are available for students in United States and elsewhere.

Each Bible study course has its own credits and you pay per single course.

There are 16 courses available in the following categories:

  • Bible Study Courses
  • Business Courses
  • Intercultural study courses
  • Practical Ministry courses
  • Psychology/Sociology Courses
  • Theology/Philosophy Courses
  • History/English Courses
  • The information on the website is not clear whether the online courses are separate courses or part of an undergraduate program.



The Bible College of Choice

Anderson Theological Seminary provides the greatest variety in courses and specializes in counseling courses.

Charis Bible College is very flexible in the order of selecting specific courses.

Faith Bible College studies the Bible in chronological order.

Tritinity Bible College provides different categories to choose from.

Bethany Bible College is the online college of choice. The website is clear and instructive. The same courses presented at campus are available online. The opportunity is there to study from undergraduate to a masters or doctorate degree in the course relevant and applicable to your calling.